Amateur radio - a 21st Century hobby

An introduction to amateur radio for young people. Produced by TX Factor for the RSGB.

Running time: 6 minutes

Mills on the Air 2017

Operating over the weekend of 13th and 14th of May from within the grounds of the Jill Windmill at Clayton, this was our first outside event of the year.

Using our callsign GB0JAJ, we managed to contact 124 stations including 13 or so other Mills. These were mainly from the British Isles, but also from Europe including Norway, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the Channel Islands. Operation was on the 40m band.

The weather was generally kind to us, albeit windy at times, which was great for the spectators as the Jill Mill's sweeps were turning at a great deal of knots.

A big thank you to the Jack and Jill Windmills Society, who kindly gave their permission for us to operate from within the grounds of the Jill Mill.


Running time: 7 minutes

Bob N4XAT pays a visit to MSARS

During October 1998 Bob N4XAT paid a visit to The Mid Sussex Amateur Radio Society, that at the time was based at Marle Place, Burgess Hill West Sussex. He met with old friends Louis Varney G5RV, Ken G3WYN, Ron G0WGP and many others. A big thank you to Bob for providing the DVD.

Running time: 15 minutes

Channel TV Studios, Jersey 1997

Steve GJ6WRI and Tony G3XQM on a jolly in Jersey making videos for the Satellite Festival hosted and uplinked in the Netherlands by Rens Mass, owner of The Satellite Shop in Heerhugowaard. Eric Wiltsher of TESUG TV was the Anchor man for the event

The Satellite Festival was a weekend of light hearted technical stuff broadcast to Europe from the brand new Sirius 2 Satellite located at 5 degrees east. Reception was possible across most of Europe with a dish size of 80cm. Evenings were for Music, much of it requested by the viewers. This gave a good indication of the satellites reach.

Running time: 14 minutes