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Skittles 28th September 2018


Once again the Royal Oak in Barcombe, East Sussex, played host to our annual MSARS Skittles event.

The winners this year were team members Sue and Merv - 2E0WVE.

Stella M6ZRJ won the highest single score. Well done to you all.

Many thanks to Score Master Mike G1TDL.





Ten MSARS members took part for the annual event.

Held upstairs above the bar, this large area is used for many different events throughtout the year.




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'Eats' were provided by the establishment, and a special selection of delicious sandwiches from Stella.

Advertising board: The Royal Oak in Barcombe, near Lewes, is an authentic British country pub and one that has been comfortably nestled into the village landscape for nearly 27 years.

The key to its long-reigning success is a perfect blend of atmospheric lighting, charming wooden beams, pleasant clientele and a fine selection of Sussex-brewed ales on offer at the bar.

Whether you are a first-time visitor or a local, landlord Mike is always ready to welcome and make you feel right at home.